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The Cybec Foundation

2011 Function at Medley Hall


In 2007 the Foundation agreed to fund several scholarships at Medley Hall, the smallest of the University's residential colleges, and the only one directly owned by the University. In 2008 we were very disturbed to learn that the magnificent Victorian era building housing the College no longer met fire regulations, and it appeared likely that the University would close the College.

Accordingly in July 2008 the Foundation offered the University a large sum of money, on the condition that the College was refurbished and modernised. Work on this eventually started in 2010, and was due to be finished on 30 June, in time for the second semester.

In recognition of the role of the Foundation in achieving this outcome, the College agreed to host the 2011 Cybec Foundation function on 2 July. The builders did not move out till about 6 PM on the day, but the function took place as planned, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. The College then hosted the competitors for the International Chamber Music Competition, and the first students moved in on 23 July.

In the 2nd semester of 2009 the Foundation provided scholarships for 6 students at Medley




Newsflash 19.7.11: The building looked magnificent, and everyone voted the function a great success!

Entry to medley hall

The entrance to Medley hall

Cybec scholarships at Medley Hall


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